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The model was created by the artist Oleg Knyazev. Check out his arstation profile where you can find more stuff from him It also has some morph targets created for the head that you can use but are not rigged. You will find them in the 'Morpher' modifier after selecting the head mesh.

The Rig

Oleg, the creator of this model, didn't have the original source files anymore, just one .fbx with a pose. So I re-rigged the model with 3ds Max CAT from scratch, copying the original rig as much as possible. The model is now ready for animation right away.

Stand Idle Animation

I have also recreated the Idle animation Oleg has done for this character. It's not exactly the same, because as I have said, the source data were lost. But this animation tries to copy it as best as possible. You will also find the stand idle animation together with the model and rig in the download package below.


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