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The Rig

Simple 6-legged "Octopus" rig (I know that technically it is not an octopus with just 6 legs). You can create the same rig by yourself. I have done a tutorial on how to do this particular rig.

Watch Tutorial

Swim Cycle Animation

Simple looped swim cycle animation. If you want to know how to animate it by yourself, watch the tutorial below.

Watch Tutorial


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  • Rig created by Milos Cerny and downloaded at http://www.miloscerny.com/

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The Rig

0.25MB - Tutorial-Octopus_Rig_3dsmax2014.max - 3ds Max 2014


Swim Cycle Animation

0.41MB - Tutorial-Octopus_Swim_Cycle_3dsmax2014.max - 3ds Max 2014